The Bloomsbury Centre for Bioinformatics

The Bloomsbury Centre for Bioinformatics

Director: Professor David Jones


The Bloomsbury Centre for Bioinformatics is a collaborative venture between UCL and Birkbeck College. The research groups affiliated with the Centre span disciplines such as protein structure prediction and classification, genomic and transcriptomic data analysis, statistical genetics and systems biology.

The BCB is also affiliated with the Institute of Structural Molecular Biology.

Research: The BCB acts as a focus for world-class research excellence in bioinformatics within UCL, Birkbeck College and affiliated institutes.

Support: We can provide bioinformatics expertise to develop collaborative research projects between the Centre and research groups within UCL and Birkbeck College.

Training: We conduct a series of tailored training courses to meet the specific needs of members of UCL and Birkbeck College.



Bioinformatics News and Events:


Bernal Lecture 2014: Professor Dame Janet Thornton FRS

'The Importance of Genomics and Bioinformatics for the future of Medicine and Agriculture'

Speaker: Professor Dame Janet Thornton FRS, Director of EMBL-EBI and Senior Scientist
   Introduction: Professor David Latchman, CBE, Master of Birkbeck
   Vote of thanks:
Professor Gabriel Waksman FRS, Head of Department, Department of Biological Sciences, Birkbeck
Date & time: Thursday 27 March 2014, 5pm - 7pm
Location:  B01 Clore Management Centre

 Free registration required:

Lecture Summary: The past twenty years have witnessed a step change in biology. The impact of genomic sequencing and other high-throughput methods has revolutionised biological research. Whereas a lab researcher would once spend weeks analysing a gene sequence using molecular biology techniques, the same work can now be done in minutes using public databases of biological information.These databases are rapidly growing resources holding our collected knowledge on the whole spectrum of life.  With the promise of whole genome sequences for 100,000 UK citizens, we are poised at the moment when this knowledge can be translated into applications with benefits for society. This lecture will present a background to the field of data-intensive biology (bioinformatics) and examine how we are taking the first steps to exploit the power of biological data for applications in medicine, healthcare and agriculture.


Introduction to Bioinformatics 2 - 6 December 13 (This course is now full)

The "Introduction to Bioinformatics" course run by the BCB is taking place this December. The week long course (Mon 2 - Fri 6 December) will provide an introduction to a variety of different Bioinformatics tools and techniques, including sequence alignment, popular databases, microarrays and high-throughput sequencing. Lectures are presented by experts in their respective fields and self-directed practical sessions provide the opportunity of hands-on training of popular tools to reinforce the theory introduced in the lectures.

The timetable can be found at:

Details of the practical sessions, including summaries of the five practical sessions, can be found at:

The course is free to academic attendees and priority is given to staff and PhD students of UCL and Birkbeck. For details on how to register and the registration form, please visit:

Please contact Dr Sharmeen Haque for any further information or queries.



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