The Bloomsbury Centre for Bioinformatics

The Bloomsbury Centre for Bioinformatics

Director: Professor David Jones


The BCB is not currently operating and we are no longer running the I2B course. Pages are here for historical purposes. If you have a bioinformatics problem you may wish to contact one of the BCB Researchers.

The Bloomsbury Centre for Bioinformatics is a collaborative venture between UCL and Birkbeck College. The research groups affiliated with the Centre span disciplines such as protein structure prediction and classification, genomic and transcriptomic data analysis, statistical genetics and systems biology.

The BCB is also affiliated with the Institute of Structural Molecular Biology.

Research: The BCB acts as a focus for world-class research excellence in bioinformatics within UCL, Birkbeck College and affiliated institutes.

Support: We can provide bioinformatics expertise to develop collaborative research projects between the Centre and research groups within UCL and Birkbeck College.

Training: We conduct tailored training courses to meet the specific needs of members of UCL and Birkbeck College.


Previous events

3 day Introduction to Bioinformatics course: Mon 20, Tues 21, Thurs 23 June 2016

A new 3 day course replaced the original I2B course previously run by the BCB, and featured an introduction to major areas of bioinformatics: protein structure prediction and modeling, sequence analysis and genomics.

More information on the course page:

Bioinformatics Showcase Day: Wednesday 13 April 2016

The Bloomsbury Centre for Bioinformatics (BCB) hosted a “Bioinformatics Showcase Day” on Wednesday 13 April 2016. This event aimed at providing life scientists with the opportunity to find out about open access bioinformatics tools, software or databases publicly available online (or for download) that were developed by bioinformaticians at UCL and Birkbeck.

The talks in the afternoon were followed by a poster, wine and laptop session at which attendees could try out, or ask questions on, tools or databases introduced in the talks session.

The full programme is available at:


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